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Fiona Fields is making inroads into the Australian country music scene. In 2010 and 2011 she was named a top twenty Toyota Star Maker Finalist and headed to Tamworth to promote her debut album, Good To Go, and continue creating a tribe of loyal FF fans.

After spending five years fronting the country rock band, 5 Hour Drive, Fiona took a break in 2009 to write and record her first solo country album. The twelve tracks are all original with some co-writing by Barbara Baillie and the album's producer, Roger Corbett. Her songs have been described as 'highly contemporary, rocky and witty, but always country.'

'I've got to get me some dirt!' ...Dirt, the first single from the album is a tongue-in-cheek song about what it takes to be a celebrity or make it big in the entertainment industry. 

Witty and squarely pegged at the boys, Fiona Fields latest single to radio, Dance Sitting Down, is all about him and his two left feet. 'He likes his country music up loud and he likes to dance sitting down!'

Following her hilariously catchy first two singles, Dirt and Dance Sitting DownThe Final Straw shows Fiona’s versatility and a serious side to her songwriting. This latest offering is the most personal and emotional track on her album featuring intense vocals.

Fiona delivers a heart wrenching performance that documents the break-up of a long relationship and the move forward to better things.

Fiona has had the privilege of working with some of Australia's finest country musicians and is fast establishing a trade mark sound that is playful and original.